15 days of being 25

I turned 25 on the June 10th. I’ve reflected and learned a great deal about myself in the last year alone. I am grateful. I have grown. I am supported. I am doing OK for myself even though there are moments when I might forget or disagree.

Honestly, it is OK to not be OK.

But, overall, I am happy. Content with life.

June and becoming 25 has already been full of firsts like…

  • seeing the Fremont Troll & Gasworks Park,
  • attending a concert alone – Parachute (for the 4th time),
  • launching my first project as part of the engineering team,
  • going on a (small) night hike,
  • learning to shoot a gun,
  • visiting a new state – Salt Lake City, Utah,
  • and, later this week, I signed myself up to go bungee jumping after years of talking about it!

I hope as the year continues that this list grows as I continue to. I know it will. There are so many things to look forward to, but most importantly I’m going to continue to work on myself. Continue to grow and develop and focus on my overall happiness.

I’ve spent so much of my life letting my fears and anxiety control my life. I haven’t taken the time to slow down and really listen to myself. Figure out what I really need. But I’m listening now.

It will be difficult, but every day I will keep trying my best because that’s the best I can do.

At 25, this is my year. I can feel it.