The ever-growing, never-ending list of ideas…in part…

  • The Awkward Commuter
    • a blog
    • a book
    • a podcast
  • Publish a book about my family and life and things
  • Freelancing as a web developer/designer
    • Freelancing on the side – a new project every quarter
  • Working part-time in a library
  • Volunteering regularly
    • Northwest Harvest
    • Park cleanup
    • Tree planting
  • Working for a film studio
  • Travel the world
    • Solo trip – New Zealand?
    • See all 7 wonders of the work…
      • Chichen Itza – Mexico
      • Machu Pichu – Peru
      • Christ the Redeemer – Brazil
      • Petra – Jordan
      • Coloseum – Italy
      • Taj Mahal – India
      • The Great Wall – China
    • Stone Henge
    • Pyramids of Giza
    • Paris, France
    • Philippines – family…
    • Italy – Venice, Rome, everywhere…
    • All 50 states
  • Climbing trips
    • Arizona
    • Utah
    • Colorado
    • Squamish
  • See the Aurora Borealis
  • A house by the water
    • A bay window/bench/reading nook and library
  • Meet my biological father…?

To be continued…updated…edited…forgotten…erased…hopeful.

Where to start…

Two things.

Firstly, I genuinely have no idea how to start this thing. I have no real plan for once. No structure or outline.

I am just jumping in.

This is meant to be a fun, creative, messy attempt at documenting/processing my own life and random thoughts. The good and the bad. My anxiety is screaming at me like “what is the vision? what is the plan? how many posts a day? a week?! who is your audience? what is the theme?”

blah blah blah

Maybe this will be good for me though. Honestly I don’t know. I don’t have the answers to any of those questions.

I’m just wingin’ it

I’m sure I’ll start developing a plan at a later date, get overwhelmed, cry or at least tear up a little, and neglect this thing for a few weeks before coming back to it. All I really know is that I want to create things. I enjoy writing, or rather, I enjoy typing.

I have plenty of stories. I have a lot of thoughts that need to be written down so that I can process them better. And I tend to rant, but I don’t like to bother people with my rants, so there we have it.

Ta-da! A blog…

Secondly, I really like over-using ellipsis